The road

In this interactive seminar, Suki takes you through the fundamental stages of processing your emotional experience in order to remove the barriers that keep you from living the life you want.

This groundbreaking new method fundamentally changes the way we perceive ourselves, and changes the way we interact with others. This breakthrough revolutionizes the way we handle conflict, personal barriers, life challenges, and relationships through a core understanding of how we think, and the development of new default thought patterns.

Suki’s raw, high energy, and humorous style will keep you engaged, motivated, and eager to do the work that will open doors to changing the life you live by default, to a life you live by design.



Suki! I have not felt this good physically and emotionally at any point in my life.  The more I invest in myself the better I feel and the greater impact I have on the people around me. Thank you for nudging me in the right direction.  Your guidance was one of the brightest lights illuminating this path for me.”   –Forrest

“Your talk, Suki, was fantastic.  The feedback I’ve gotten from friends and others, this week, has been universal praise — both for your dynamic presentation and huge admiration over what you transcended in re-inventing yourself in such exciting ways.” — Jenny

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