About Suki

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill

Photo by Adrian Mendoza

Suki Liebow is an award winning contemporary artist who works across multiple mediums using Art as an emotional engagement tool and, at times, a platform for social activism.

After a traumatic period of homelessness at 13 and becoming a solo teen parent at 15, Suki dedicated more than 20 years to researching the impacts of trauma and emotional dissociation on human behavior and psychology.

In addition to creating and exhibiting her art as a means to express the full spectrum of the human experience, Suki teaches artistic engagement to a diverse demographic of humans through art classes, workshops, and lectures. She has been a board member of multiple art-based non-profit organizations promoting public art installations, grant writing, and organizing art-based programs and exhibitions.

She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and spends her time pondering how to save the world through art.