Artist’s Statement

My artwork is an exploration of internal space and the deep emotional experiences that drive hostility and divisiveness both in ourselves and between humans. My work is a representation of the invisible yet highly influential emotions responsible for the conflicts we experience both in our personal relationships and in our broader social construct.

My goal as an artist is to represent and validate the full spectrum of emotion in myself while inspiring and encouraging others to seek productive ways to do the same.

I use various mediums to articulate my emotional exploration. I work at times in miniature scale as emotions are often difficult to see and identify, and larger scale when a greater, perhaps messier, emotional expression is warranted. My small scale works invite the viewer to pause and look closer while my larger works lend themselves to broader emotional speculation and, I hope, inspires the viewer to question what their own unimpeded emotional expression might look like.


Micrography (tiny hand-writing) represents the tedium of navigating the deep emotional and psychological channels of experience and perception. 

Miniature figure drawings exemplify the simplicity of the peaceful moments we all strive for. The scale further represents how small those moments feel in comparison to the demands and tensions of the world we live in. 

Abstract acrylic/multi-media paintings express the need for big, sometimes explosive, emotional outlets and how an appropriate outlet can lead to a beautiful, or at least validating, external representation of a challenging emotional experience.

Wire / enamel flowers that provide 3 dimensional aspects to some of my sketched canvas work representing the crossover between the intangible inner world and the tangible outer.

Through my artwork I promote emotional engagement and awareness of the commonalities we share as human beings. Perhaps emotional engagement through art will be the first tiny step in the direction of accepting our diverse human community, rewriting the social script in a way that allows for us all to live in safety and peace.